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★ Technological Innovation  Stimulate innovation, enhance innovation power


Thatcher Group to implement the technology, especially the core technology with independent intellectual property rights and innovation strategies to catch up, set up engineering technology research center, continuously injected into the high-tech products, so the upgrade, increase the technological content, innovation in science and technology break a new sky on the road, at present more than one hundred national patents.


★ Related Certificates  The pursuit of excellence, pragmatic model tree


★ Technical equipment  15,000 square meters bright and spacious modern standards plant


15,000 square meters bright and spacious modern standard factory buildings.

Hundred of including CNC turret 32 automatic presses, laser cutting centers, CNC bending machine, hydraulic double air action stretcher, hydraulic folding machine, small presses, shears and other mechanical equipment.

Hundred sets comprises a pneumatic high frequency welding machine, automatic welding machine, carbon dioxide protection welding New welding and other welding equipment.

2 imported from Germany, automatic electrostatic powder coating production lines, more than 30 automatic gun. Supporting a car, plane, washing, drilling, insert, independent mold workshop grinding machines and more than 30 sets of special heat treatment equipment.

Professional engineering and technical personnel team of experienced product design, quality management, more than 200 skilled workers.

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