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Safe Buying Guide

2015-07-06 16:09:28 clicks:

First, confirm timber: manufacture of steel security safe box with a 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and so on, to buy timber thick safer.

Second, the structure was confirmed: security safes shall be provided with anti-drill steel in key parts of the door and the cabinet, and the cabinet door as integrally formed, the better anti-theft performance.

Third, confirm the lock: security safes shall have a long and reliable service life, it is essential locks, the purchase you should understand clearly.

1. First, the difference from the product packaging, general regular manufacturers of products will be safe in the product name on the product packaging will be clearly marked, but not deliberately vague concept, confusing product. Such as: T-type collection counters, quality storage cabinets, electronic password safe, mechanical safe, and so on. From these names can correctly distinguish between safe and treasure cabinet.

2, open the packaging, check whether the CCC mark affixed to the product itself, if posted CCC mark, and not the kind of fake CCC mark, it should be safe in the true sense. It involves a problem is how to correctly identify CCC mark.

3, carefully check the appearance of the product, check the product's appearance from the work, the degree of convergence of the door, the box is smooth and polished, locks open situation, and safety and so on.

4. Turn on the product, from the plate thickness, especially to distinguish between the thickness of the door, good quality safe products, steel plate thickness of the door is not less than 10mm, and is made of a single piece of steel plate, rather than think of under poor quality products, the plate thickness is thin, and it may be split up by the two steel plates.

5, carefully check the box to see how the degree of convergence on all sides of the plate, good safe housing is a one-time stamped and formed from steel plate, surrounded almost no gap, tamper with a very good performance. While gently tapping the box, hear the sound, good safe box is made entirely composed of steel plate, knocking it will be very clear voice, and some products are very thin inner and outer two tin composition, in the middle of filling sand, knocking this case it will be issued very dull sound.

6, security safes on the market to buy the majority of security safes as A1 class, there are various shapes, models of products, consumers can choose according to need, no matter what style of security safes to buy products, consumers We should pay attention to the following aspects:

① security safes outer surface of the film (or spray film) color should be uniform, not have obvious cracks, gas gowns, spots and other defects.
②Security safes enclosure height ≤600 mm on the door and door frame, right and left gap ≤1.5 mm, clearance of ≤2 mm will reduce the performance of the security gap is too large. 
③A Class A, Class B security safes mass of less than 340 kg should have mounting holes with fasteners and instructions guide fixed in a timely manner according to the requirements of the specification is fixed.
④ security safes ships door thickness up to 8 mm to 10 mm, thickness 6 mm above the cabinet, so as to guarantee the security of property, the purchase of the store should ask plate thickness.

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