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Five risks leading to safe theft

2015-07-06 16:10:54 clicks:

Although many companies are configured safe, but still occur from time to time be safe theft phenomenon, not quality problems often safe, but our daily negligence caused some small details of the two.

1. The safe use of personnel: personnel under safe use many and complex cases, poor security, is likely to cause leakage of cryptographic keys and property loss. It shall be equipped with full-time use of personnel, full-time staff to open.

2. Safe password settings: Many property managers, set a password that does not exist safe theft problem, not knowing the security of password settings also directly affect the safe Alto defense capability bits long, repeated low digital password security high and difficult to crack, and the median short, set up a simple password is easy to see through a safe and easily break defense.

3. Safe password management: safe password should not be static, if not fixed passwords safe structure, then they should change the password, such as a cashier mobilization at the right time, keeping staff turnover, high degree of custody of property should also be Change your password regularly. Password not changed after the factory, or high turnover of property managers, frequent password open in case people are likely to cause leakage of the password.

4. safe keys management: key safe use respectively by the department and corporate security departments are kept, there are security departments should pay archived. For example, there have been companies focus only on the safety management of the financial sector, the defense sector was not a good storage system, give some criminals have a chance, when he stole the override key, very easy to bypass the password password to open the safe.

5. The development of a safe system for everyday use: only the development of related systems, in order to carry out evidence-based. For example: more than two days over the holidays or related persons from more than two days did not send on behalf of its work, the seal should be affixed in the safe at the keyhole, then exposing the work place when closed. There was a lack of business due to this management system, resulting in several days after the stolen property was discovered. Visible, no safe enterprise management system, it is easy to make use of personnel with the nature and cause as soon as the theft accident, you may not even have no clues to solve the case documented.

6. The installation is very safe people the easy way, directly on the ground to buy a safe future, it can be easily taken away directly. Insurance correct installation method should be using the fixing bolts on the wall or the ground to avoid being easily removed.

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