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New trends in home safes

2015-07-06 16:12:13 clicks:

New trends in home safes

Home safe both to act as security, fire prevention role, but also compatible with some other functions, while also act as furniture, appliances. Vault own particularity, diversity and adapt to the times, determine its development is bound to shoulder such a mission, the current state of development, the home safe is showing the following trends:

Trend: higher standards, higher security level with the development of the times, home safe production methods and technology has been a qualitative leap. According to China's national standard GB10409-2001, the security level security safes are divided into six categories, namely A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, Class C. In six categories, the highest level of security, security safes Class C Class C should be able to stop using ordinary hand tools, portable power tools, grinding, dedicated portable power tools, torches and explosives as well as the tools and materials used in conjunction with each other in net working time within 60 minutes to enter.

Trends: lighter, more traditional anti-theft performance of cement safe for security reasons security is always made into a heavyweight, a distance like a hill, but how many things fit, and move very difficult. With the development of production technology of safe, moderate weight, and more secure, reliable, safe and beautiful steel has become a trend. In today's science and technology growing, the weight is no longer safe for the most important factor, the entity through the expansion screws, the weight may be lightened by half than the original, but the ability to withstand attack than the original increase several times.

Trend three: styling update, prominent personality, while more humane because the safe expanding range of applications, has entered the homes of ordinary people, to adapt to this requirement, safe shape is also more diverse and more human of. Previously, the general shape of the monotony were tested safe box, and luxury bedroom decoration increasingly incongruous. Some manufacturers therefore safe, bedside lockers style designed safe, ultra-compact can be hidden safes, a variety of different shapes beautifully designed Casting safe, in order to meet consumer demand for modern family safe, more humane to make safe, welcomed by home users.

Trend four: more features, more high-end towards the rapid development of technology, safe technology to make continuous progress development. More feature updates, higher technological content, has become a trend. Main features:

1. electronic security solutions has become the market mainstream. Mechanical inconvenience password, the password at the factory by factory, independent individuals can not change the password, a direct result of these shortcomings mechanical password safe safe faded stage. Electronic password safe can easily change the password, and some can even set two passwords, very convenient, which will quickly become the market mainstream.

2. The automatic alarm for further improvement. Usually Vault has automatic alarm function, but in limited movement or impact condition is activated. Now when some safe third error code can also activate the alarm, the next alarm activation condition will be more abundant, such as network alarm, fire alarm safe when exposed to heat, the information counter in case of corrosive substances, excessive humidity, magnetic field is too strong when activated alarm. Currently on the market some of the safe in the alarm while applying a high voltage electric shock on the destroyer has a new strengthened preventive measures. Another kind of remote control Vault, Vault can be remotely controlled switches and alarm devices.

3. Set the emergency door opening device. At present, many electronic password safe in the user password is lost, you can use the emergency door function to open the safe. Alternate emergency door lock often set in the secret place, opening the door with a spare key, reset the password to open the door, but normal use.

4. The touch panel film wear waterproof. Conventional electronic password safe password key time after prolonged use, easy to wear as a result of the key password leak. Touch panel film never wear, waterproof and can be applied on an electronic password safe very favorable.

5. Double-door design meets the demand for a cabinet with two. Vault cabinet is divided into two layers, use different passwords or different keys, each for two people to use. Both husband and wife each with one or cashier, accounting each with one, two cabinets save different items, convenient and more humane.

Trend five: versatile, oriented towards furniture, home appliances development

In recent years, Chinese furniture industry, annual appraisals, the safe has been listed as the Chinese fashion furniture ranks. Meanwhile, the products are safe and constantly develop high-tech intelligent management features, money for money, valuables, electronic digital, important documents, collection of treasures, dangerous goods, personal items, personal privacy and other important items of special protection, able to achieve safer and more intelligent storage management, human life and the family became indispensable appliances.

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