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Safe placement feng shui

2015-07-06 16:13:11 clicks:

As incomes rise, safe access to the family has been overwhelming, safes and furniture mix also entered people's topic of discussion! First on to the next safe feng shui, not on the safe placement of the southern location, on the south ranging from bankruptcy, while in beverages, because the three evil bit this year in the south.

South-east should not be placed in the southeast this year is Jupiter position, if you have placed in the south, east or south, do not move as long as placing a red or purple items inside the safe can be, preferably on the top to do with repression, place the bottom of jade, jade can absorb bad luck, but also enrichment gas. NOTE: Do not place this year, the best crystal, because this is the Year of the Dragon obsidian and crystal can suck bad luck, but the water dragon will add to the spirit of fear bad luck, safe place can be jade, jade is best together with a red cloth , called Choi not grin.

This year's financial position in the West, the West should not be empty, and it is not pressing too dead. There are many windows that let the West, placed flower pots, and that is not really conducive to the enrichment, preferably with a cloth or a wall of the Western block below a safe place, a safe iron articles of gold, more conducive to enrichment, the best place crystal items in a safe spot called enrichment, surroundings must be kept clean. Vault is best to use something obscured, such as cabinets, doors do not tablecloths safe direction toward the evil bit open, so easy even bankruptcy.

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