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Twelve lockers

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Scope of application: Products for supermarkets, shopping malls, shopping centers, hotels, cafeterias, KTV, nightclubs, bars, hospitals, large pharmacy, companies, etc.

Thatcher Group file cabinet series, forming a large area, phosphate anti-corrosion treatment, automatic spray technology and other advanced technology, reasonable design, fashionable and high quality, great to meet the needs of users.


Twelve lockers

1, on-demand free combination;

2, the new hinge, door open light;

3, No. book simple, convenient and quick access to information;

4, high-quality locks, open and flexible, mutual opening rate is very low;

5, the blue dot clasp hands, new personality, ABS unbreakable;

6, double slides, drawer sports facilities, and to pull out the 90%;

7, the separator can be freely adjusted up or down to increase or make full use of cabinet space;

8、Degreasing, phosphate and other twelve-station pre-treatment, to ensure that the film is not easy to fall off, and weather resistance.

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